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Linux Systems:

Linux is licensed under the GNU. General Public License (GNU GPL or simply GPL) is the most widely used free software license, originally written by Richard Stallman for the GNU Project. 

The bottom line is Linux is a free operating system that provides a great alternative to Microsoft.  Linux has many free programs that can also be used as substitutions for many proprietary expensive programs

Some Linux advantages:

Price comparison:

Programs Windows $ Linux $
Operating System Windows 7 200 Ubuntu. Mint, Puppy 0
Office Suite MS Office 150 Libre, Open Office 0
Disc Burning Nero 80 Brasero, 0
Money manager Quicken 60 GNU Cash 0
Antivirus Norton 47 N/A -
Service call to remove
Geek Squad 150 N/A -
>>>>> Total 687   0

Some of our favorite distributions:

Everyday desktops -  Linux Mint and Ubuntu

Apple OS X  feel -  Pear OS

Older hardware - Puppy linux (will work well installed on PII 300mhz, 256 meg ram)

Server - Centos or Freenas

Places you use linux but may not know it:

Because of it's built in security features and lack of virus vulnerability,  Linux is widely used for servers.  Linux desktop and workstation distributions offer many good features but have not gained the popularity yet like Linux servers

Contact us for more information on Linux or to integrate Linux into your system.