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HCH Services

Providing affordable Home Computer Help

 Quality service with a fast response time


Hardware Services:

  • Troubleshooting and Repair Desktops and Laptops

    • Laptop screen, keyboard and power jack replacement

    • Seemingly dead computers have been bought back to life

  • System upgrades

    • Additional ram could make a significant improvement in computer speed

    • Bigger hard drives, better video cards, etc.

  • Interior cleaning and maintenance

    • Prevent over heating, sudden shut downs and system board damage

    • A clean computer will not only run cooler but faster also

  • Repurpose your outdated equipment.

    • Turn that old computer into a Nas or file and print server

  • New equipment migration and upgrade

    • Upgrade your current configuration to include your new equipment

    • Transfer information to a new computer

  • Prepare your older equipment for resale or donation

    • Department of Defense Style wiping or removal of hard drives

    • What is current market value of your older equipment?


We can provide prompt on site service or quick turn a round service at our shop. 
We will efficiently diagnose your computer and printer problems and discuss a resolution plan with you. 
All cost will be disclosed and agreed upon before any work is performed.

We are always a Flat rate of $40 the first hour and $20 each consecutive hour after that.  If you prefer to drop off your computer, services are a strait $20 per hour.  The hourly rate does not include the price of parts.

We pride ourselves in a record of proven results.  We are so confident in our services, if we can not fix the problem, you do not pay.  Try to find that kind of guarantee at chain stores. 

 In an effort to save you more money, we order most of our parts from trusted internet vendors.  The average part takes about a week to come in but ordering this way saves you significantly,